The cooler autumn season makes us change wardrobes, of course, but there’s one key item you can wear in any season, sneakers!

This season, you can get rid of your sandals or denim shorts, but never, listen, never your precious sneakers, especially the white ones!

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Keep wearing your ripped jeans, shirt and sneakers; only now add a sweatshirt, as it will make sense of the informality of your sneakers…

look with sneakers and jeans

… You can even add a hat or cap to your casual look or something that emphasizes that your outfit is based on an urban style.

look with sneakers and cap

White sneakers go with “all black” outfits, especially if you add a colorful coat over it, to contrast with the entire production…

look with sneakers and jacket

The sneakers also go with “all white look”, as long as you consider wearing a colorful coat over them.

look with sneakers and white clothes

That sports mini dress you wear with your sneakers can still go with you in the fall (if it’s not too cold), add a jacket and you’re done!

look with sneakers and skirt

Is it too cold in your city? This sports dress can be worn with socks, a warm coat and will offset the casualness of your sneakers for a casual look that’s a little more elegant.

look with sneakers and coat

Jeans with sneakers are classic, in autumn we recommend creating a vintage or 90’s look that is super hot.

look with sneakers and jeans

Nothing better to match the sportsmanship of your sneaker than sweatpants! To make it look like you’re not in your pajamas, add a very stylish coat and bag.

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look with sneakers and sweatshirt

A maxi blouse will always go well with your sneakers, why not keep wearing it in the fall! Now, however, wear a warmer fabric maxi-type blouse so you don’t freeze!

look with sneakers and knit skirt

My top fall trend is wearing jeans with long-sleeved shirts. You can buy shirts in different colors and create different looks using your same old sneakers. After all, who said that fashion cannot be economical.

look with sneakers and long shirt

Elastic skirts go well with sneakers, so you don’t get cold this season, ignore the mini skirts and put your eyes on the midi. These skirts go with more sophisticated fall outfits like blouses or shirts.

look with sneakers and skirt

Did you like the looks with sneakers for autumn? tell us how you wear your sneakers here for us.

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