2022 Capillary Schedule: For Damaged Hair, Get Your Hair Back in 30 Days

Helloaaa, ​​Do you know the Hair Schedule for Damaged Hair ? Today I’m going to tell you my hair beauty secret that helped save my hair and since then I’ve only received compliments.1F60A - 2022 Capillary Schedule: For Damaged Hair, Get Your Hair Back in 30 Days

Capillary Schedule for Damaged Hair ! yesmmm after I researched and started doing the hair schedule religiously lol my hair changed from water to wine and I’ll tell you all here! Call the friendssssss this tip you will simply love! comemmm

What will it take to make a capillary schedule?

It will be necessary to make a capillary schedule are:

  • Mask for hydration
  • Nutrition or Wetting
  • hair reconstructor

What is Capillary Schedule?

For our hair to be beautiful, strong and healthy, it needs several types of nutrients, that is, baby, just moisturizing your hair once a month, with that mask in the bathroom shower box full of water inside all the pain doesn’t solve anything !

The Capillary Schedule for Damaged Hair  is like making a schedule to remind you that each wash provides what your hair needs! It consists of 3 phases: Hydration, Nutrition or Humectation and Reconstruction. Believe your hair is thirsty and hungry lol

Let’s go to the Hair Schedule for Damaged Hair ! Take a picture and send it to your friends

original capillary schedule
original capillary schedule

Example of how to start: I wash my hair every 2 days, so you always start there on week n.1 that is, if on Monday I wash my hair, I will apply the moisturizing mask, then I wash my hair again on Thursday and do it one more hydration and Sunday will be the day of nutrition. It will only change in the 4 week that you are going to replace a nutrition with a reconstruction 😉 it’s like baking a cake, just follow the recipe that has no mistake !!!

Hydration – Serves to return moisture and silkiness to your hair! People who use hair dryers, flat irons, etc., end up removing all the moisture from the thread.

Appearance of dry hair

dry hair look
dry hair look

Dry hair is easy to identify right babe, it is armed, with the ends charred and rough, super brittle.

Nutrition or Moisture – It will replace the lipids or the natural oils of your hair, our hair needs lipids and ahh babe without nutrition your hair does not hold the hydration see 😉 a well nourished hair shines is behaved and much stronger.

Aspect of a malnourished hair

malnourished hair look
malnourished hair look

Malnourished hair is dull, lifeless and full of Frizz, see that even the famous ones give nutrition a slip lol

Reconstruction – It will replenish the proteins in your strands, if your hair is thin, porous and elastic, broken is a lack of reconstruction! Anyone who makes lights and progressive, I don’t even need to explain, you know that the hair is getting pretty detonated lol

Appearance of chemically damaged hair in general

appearance of hair damaged by chemical process
appearance of hair damaged by chemical process

Tip 01 – But attention to reconstruction damages the hair too, the ideal of reconstruction is 1 x a month, when my hair was very detonated I used to do 2 x per month at most.

Tip 02 –  Friend leaving your mask inside the bathroom exposed to heat and sticking your little hand to pick up the product spoils the mask! Be fine and take out with a spatula, take out only what you need to use and keep the pot on your dressing table 😉

Tip 03 –  To enhance the effect of the masks, use a laminated cap or those made with Styrofoam balls 😉 and turn off the shower, right! the planet thanks!

My darling products of each stage of the Hair Schedule for Damaged Hair .

Hydration – Bamboo Silicon Mix Mask or Crece Pelo Hydration Mask .

silicone mix bamboo hair mask
silicone mix bamboo hair mask

Nourishment or Wetting – Use Lola Cosmetics’ Olive Wetting

olive moistening
olive moistening

Reconstruction – My life’s favorite! the rebuilder of k PAK Joico

joico k-Pak hair reconstructor
joico k-Pak hair reconstructor

If you wash your hair every day, no problem! on the days I don’t wash your hair, you can wash it using only your usual shampoo and conditioner and be careful with the amount of moisturizing cream so you don’t weigh it down!

So the post doesn’t get long, I won’t go into depth on the masks, stay tuned on the blog and then I’ll make a specific post talking about these and other mask options for you to use now!

That hug and see you next time1F609 - 2022 Capillary Schedule: For Damaged Hair, Get Your Hair Back in 30 Days

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