Chocolate Hair Trend 2022 – See how to use, Tips and 23 inspirations to change your look

hello cats. Today’s article is for you who got tired of blonde locks just like me! Feel like darkening your hair? Do you want to change the look but nothing radical and join the Chocolate Hair trend ?

How about a chocolate, or a brown of the moment?

Did you know that brown and chocolate hair tones are reigning supreme in this year’s fall/winter hair trends?

Regardless of the Haircuts trends or the Hair Colors trends as I wrote in another article, I will prove to you that Brown Hair and Chocolate Hair is nothing common or boring as many people think… This thing that only blonde is powerful is a Brazilian thing, my love comes with me and I’ll show you the PODER DAS MORENAS Uhuuuuu 

See Top10 how to use and inspirations to change the look

And to start, we have the actress Giovanna Lancelotti, who bet on chocolate to play Patricia Rochelle – soap opera Segundo Sol

chocolate hair color trend
chocolate hair is the color of the moment

What a seal Monamores
I think this girl is the best!

Look at how a shade of Chocolate Hair changes everything, below her with lighter streaks (not that it’s ugly) but look at how her dark hair makes her look more like a woman and much more sophisticated than with streaks.

before and after coloring your hair in chocolate color

Want to Copy  Chocolate Hair Color ? She used Garnier Nutrisse Cream Chocolate 67

Garnier Nutrisse Cream Chocolate tincture 67

Following the line of EX-blondes, we have my Youtuber Diva and makeup artist Renata Meins who also demystified that only blonde hair is powerful and in my opinion it was much better brunette.

before and after Renata Meins dyes her hair chocolate

Look how her skin has gained more brown color! it was beautiful and sophisticated.

Want this look? Renata used Inoa Chocolate Hair Color 6.32 from Loreal’s professional line . It will NOT be confused with a dye from a brand called Inoar with R at the end.

Here’s the photo of the  Chocolate Hair Dye so you don’t get confused

Inoa color 6.32 from the Loreal professional line

Chocolate Hair Color Inspiration

Chocolate Hair Color inspiration
Chocolate Hair Color inspiration
Chocolate Hair Color inspiration
Chocolate Hair Color inspiration
Chocolate Hair Color inspiration
Chocolate Hair Color inspiration

Famous who adhered to chocolate hair color

And now here are more pictures of brunettes who dyed their hair dark brown or chocolate and became powerful.

Camila Coelho and Olivia Culpo after they dyed their hair chocolate

And to finish I bring the wonderful Angelina Jolie, who in my opinion was born to be a brunette! Look how blonde erases her and leaves her completely pale and even aged.

Angelina Jolie with chocolate hair

With this article I do not mean that it is better to be a brunette or only brunettes are beautiful!

I just want to show you that blondes don’t always look good, you need to know very well the tone that favors you and I think there are people who really look better with dark hair.

I want to demystify that only blonde is sexy and that only this color rejuvenates the appearance of a woman over 30 (since I’ve heard that a lot out there).

I also watch and see a lot of fashion from other countries and I guarantee that brown tones and also  dark chocolate hair color are in fashion.

And finally I want to say that all hair colors are beautiful, as long as they match your skin tone and undertone, but this is talk for the next Dani Drops!

kisses and see you later 

NOTE – If you found any photos that do not have their due credits, contact us so we can add the necessary credits.

NOTE – If you found any photos that do not have their due credits, please contact us so we can add the necessary credits.
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