Poá Print Trend 2022: What are the Trends, Tips and 34 Inspirations

Hello Gatonas, Today we are going to talk about  Estampa de Poá,  a classic that came from the 50s and was immortalized by the sexy style of pin-ups and actresses like Marilyn Monroe and Brigite Bardot.

I’ve already mentioned to you that there are some  Clothes and Accessories for Any Season of the Year  and about some  Color Trends , and print trends , but the best thing is clothes and accessories with Poá Prints.

See the Top10 with dot pattern trends

After all, what is Poá Print?

Marilyn Monroe and Brigite Bardot in Dot Print Dresses

Since then, the Print  of Poá has  come and gone out of fashion but is never forgotten! It is a timeless feminine piece, delicate and it is worth having at least one piece in your wardrobe, believe me the Poá is always back in fashion!

And this year was no different, Poá returned to fashion 2022 and here at danidrops you will be inspired by beautiful looks and powerful combinations.

Look at these shirts with social looks of  Estampa de Poá , it’s a lot of love.

dress shirt with dot pattern

The novelty this year is that  Fabrics with Poá Print  arrived with various sizes of polka dots, such as these Looks with Maxi Bolinhas.

long dresses with dot pattern

And also this year I see many  Dresses with Dot Prints with transparencies , as you can see here in the look that actress and fashionista Bruna Marquezine wore at the 2018 cannes festival!

transparent dress with dot pattern

Babe this woman, I loved the boldness all crafted in the Poá Print Dress 1F609 - Dot Print Trend 2022: What are the Trends, Tips and 34 Inspirations

transparent dress with a dot print

And finally we see a lot of  Dresses with Colored Dot Print, to get away from the classic white with black polka dots or black with white polka dots 1F609 - Dot Print Trend 2022: What are the Trends, Tips and 34 Inspirations

Dresses with Colored Dot Print

See how to assemble a Look with Clothes with Dot Print

Only here at danidrops I show you how to use trends! Accessing my blog only has top tips 1F609 - Dot Print Trend 2022: What are the Trends, Tips and 34 Inspirations

And to start with the combination  Blouse with Print Poá Azul  combines super with mustard pants that are still super in mustard this year!

Blouse with Blue Poá Print and mustard pants

And for the more daring ones, a  Skirt with Red Stripes and Blue Poá  Blouse and Blouse with  Black Stripes and Skirt with Black Poá Print , who would say it matches. How about daring today in the look?

Skirt with Red Stripes and Blue Dot Print Blouse and Blouse with Black Stripes and Skirt with Black Dot Print,

And if you think that the Poá prints are just for going out on the weekend!!! Look at these work looks! It’s beautiful look at these combinations of  Social Clothing with Poá print .

Social Clothing with Poá print

And to close with a golden key to assemble a  Casual Look with Dot Print  to go to the bar, shopping etc. How about a dotted piece with a cool shirt?

I loved and joined 1F60D - Dot Print Trend 2022: What are the Trends, Tips and 34 Inspirations

Casual Look with Dot Print

Looks and Accessories with Dot Print

If you are thinking that the  Estampa Poá  came to be only in dresses and shirts, you are wrong! there is a range of accessories and clothes that are making good use of it, and only here will you see what is best out of them.

Long Dresses with Dot Print

white long dress with dot print

Look how I rock this  Long White Dress with Dot Prints , whether for work or going out at night, you’ll look beautiful

long black dress with dot print

Black is chic, black is powerful, elegant as always is flawless when used well. Take a risk with a  Black Dress with Dot Print  that you will take sighs wherever you go.

Short Dress with Dot Print

short dress with dot print

And for those who love to keep their legs out, there are models for all tastes in  Short Dress with Dot Print , whether it’s white or black, choose the accessories and shoes well to create a beautiful look.

Pants with dot print

pants with dot print

For those who do not give up comfort and style,  Pants with Poá Print can be  used for any casual or work occasion, reinvent your wardrobe with key pieces

dress pants with dot print

Whether with a white shirt , denim jacket or a blazer, this print is very versatile.

Blouse and Shirt with Dot Print

blouse with dot print

The  Blouses with Estampa Poa  are also a hit

shirt with dot print

Combine the  shirts printed with Poa  with  Jeans Pants models  or  Short Jeans  to have a more relaxed look.

Shorts with dot print

Shorts with dot print

You can create a hundred compositions when you have shorts in your wardrobe, it is one of the most democratic pieces we have and since we are in this trend, it’s only fair to have  shorts with a Poá print . With an accessory and other pieces you can create an elegant look.

Dot print shoes

Dot print shoes

Whatever your style today you can find  Sandals, Shoes and sneakers with Poá Print .

Bag With Dot Print

Bag With Dot Print
If you are one of those who can’t see a bag because you love it with passion, the  Poá Print Bags  are a blast. Especially if your bag has neutral colors you can combine with many looks because it is super versatile because it manages to achieve a very nice visual balance.

Dot Print Accessories

Dot Print Accessories

Home accessories with dot print 

And for decoration lovers, how about this pink rug, cushions and pillows from Miüdo Design, look how charming you can decorate your home.

dot-print home accessories

It has many delicate accessories for your home, in different colors and types of these famous balls! know that your home will be more fashionable than ever.

If you liked these pieces, you can find them at Miüdo.

I have a quilt and a chicken in my kitchen with a dotted skirt! most charming thing !

Ufa!!! As you can see the Dot Prints are on everything, so let’s not forget the  Dot Print Accessories . This retro 50’s fashion is wearing the ladies from head to toe.

Stylists like Rodarte, Ferragamo, Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs and YSL used this print in several pieces and not even the  Goggles with Dot Print  resisted fashion.

Watch this video with 60 inspirations of dot print dresses

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kisses and see you later

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