Shading Mask 2022: What is it, how to use and have a Perfect Blonde

Hi, Who has streaks knows the job of keeping a beautiful, healthy and mainly platinum blond hair without the terrible yellowing effect! And so that there is no more doubt today we are going to talk about the wonderful  Matizadora Mask .

But thanks to technology, today we have many wonderful products that help us a lot and today I’m going to talk about the Matizadores Masks that are used to remove the yellowish tone of the threads and also provide a basic hydration.

I will review 3 products that I have already used and approved, because here on this blog I only indicate what I like! My friends know that I am always very happy when I point out products they like and give me that thank you on whats.

Let’s Review!

What is Matizadora Mask

The Matizadora Mask is nothing more than a product that removes the yellowish and orange effect of hair.

matting mask
matting mask

These shades tend to appear on hair that has been bleached or dyed blonde. Basically it neutralizes the tone of your hair and removes that dull hair look as it also helps to make basic hydration in the strands.

Forever Liss Pearl Bath Mask 

Forever liss pearl bath matting mask
Forever liss pearl bath matting mask

The  Matizadora Mask Bath Forever Pearl Liss contains a technology called Lumini System, Shea Butter and Lactic Acid.

Price: R$ 35.00 I bought the first store in a small shop inside the SOGO shopping mall.

My Review of Forever Liss Pearl Bath Mask

This is the one I’m currently experimenting with, I found it to be a very honest product, it works cool in the matter of unyellowing the strands, it doesn’t leave the hair streaked with gray and gives a good hydration.

Amend Color Treatment Mask and Gloss Enhancer

amend mask for color treatment and shine enhancer
amend mask for color treatment and shine enhancer

The Matizadora Mask Amend contains chamomile extract and violet pigments in their technology.

Price BRL 30.00 (average)

My evaluation about Amend Color Treatment Mask and Shine Enhancer is that I found the quality to be very similar to Forever Liss, it helps to unyellow, gives a basic hydration, I also had no problems leaving my hair leaded.

Shine Blond Mask by L’oreal Professionnel

Shine blond tinting mask from loreal
Shine blond tinting mask from loreal

The L’oreal Professionnel Shine Blond Shade Mask contains a patented technology from the brand called Céraviolet.

Price R$ 147 (I consulted the cosmetics epoch website)

My evaluation about the L’oreal Professionnel Shine Blond  Coloring Mask is that despite the price being very salty, the quality is excellent, in my opinion the best mask I’ve tried with this unyellow proposal. Provides good hydration and also treats hair fiber.

How to use shading masks

how to use the shade mask
how to use the shade mask

For those who do not know anything about Matizadora Mask  know that it is VERY IMPORTANT to respect the instructions for use! Don’t put the mask on your hair and leave a lot of break time because the chance of your hair getting leaded or even stained is great!

Tip 1:   You put it on your hair and look and see how your hair is, I never leave it for more than 3 minutes and you don’t use this mask with a thermal cap ! Rinse well!

Unyellowing products never have great moisturizing power I always use a little conditioner after using this type of mask because my hair is dry.

Tip 2:   For best results use your mask with the same line of de-yellowing shampoo.

Tip 3 : Blond hair is very sensitive, if you blow-dry it, don’t give up on a good thermal protector.

And if your blond hair is damaged, a good  Hair Schedule can help you get it back.

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And then liked the tip? tell me if you’ve used any of these products or if you have other bjos suggestions and even more.

NOTE – If you found any photos that do not have their due credits, contact us so we can add the necessary credits.

NOTE – If you found any photos that do not have their due credits, please contact us so we can add the necessary credits.
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