Short Dresses Trend 2022: What are the Short Dresses Trends, Tips and 20 Inspirations

Autumn is one of the most overlooked seasons, it’s not as cold as winter nor as hot as summer… 

However, few realize that it is the most bipolar of all months. Between sun, wind, clouds and rain, it is hot and cold, the face of São Paulo these variations.

For that reason, a short fall dress will make you say yes, I accept this season! immediately.

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An animal print dress will make you look super chic and sexy to go out on the warmest days of autumn. You can also combine it with white sneakers or winter boots. And don’t forget to bring a black jacket or blazer that will go well in case it gets cold at night.

jaguar print dress

Wearing your mini dress in autumn is super possible, the best for autumn is to have a blazer, you can combine it with sneakers…

mini dress

… For a more casual chic look, you can pair your mini dress with some ankle boots (which are already a fall/winter classic), your dress with a blazer will look great.

short dress with ankle boots

Classic fall dresses with ruffles and dark colors are great. Now, to dare that instead of being a maxi or a midi, as always, choose that colorful and short vintage.

classic autumn dresses

This giant turtleneck sweater will look great as a dress! It will be very useful for you on those days with a colder wind and you want to protect your throat.

giant turtleneck sweater

If you’ve thought about wearing a sweater as a mini dress, but think it’s a very serious look, look for a low-cut one, you can even design it yourself.

sweater like a mini

Breaking concepts. Women’s fashion doesn’t live only in tight clothes, nor does autumn live only in dark tones! The baggy looks are typical of this season, and as for colors you can use cheerful colors like this yellow…

baggy dress

…or how about this year’s fashion color, like a live coral. What a timeless color; that is, it looks good in all four seasons of the year.

fashion color

A blazer dress consists of a blazer so long that you can wear it as a dress is an excellent option. You can close it with your buttons, or wear it with a belt. It’s super elegant, it’s worth remembering that the maxi blazer has even been used in celebrity looks at Oscar awards on the red carpet.

blazer dress

Don’t forget that an LBD (Little Black Dress) or LWD (Little White Dress) never goes out of style and that a classic little black or white dress can be with you from early spring to late winter.

 LBD (Little Black Dress) or LWD (Little White Dress)

See the Top10 with Short Dress Inspirations

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