Vichy Chess Print Trend 2022: History, How to Use it, 20 Inspirations

Hi, Today I come with another print trend alert for 2022, the  Estampa Xadrez Vichy ! 

When we talk about Vichy, we immediately think of the famous face cream! It is not? But not loves, Vichy is also a print created in the city of Vichy in France, known for its plaid fabrics and became popular in the 50s when Brigitte Bardot wore it in a dress at her second wedding! DaniDrops is also culture!!!

See Top10 with Inspirations on how to use

brigitte bardot 1959 with Vichy Chess Print
brigitte bardot 1959 with Vichy Chess Print

The Estampa Xadrez Vichy is the new darling of the fashion world and of Fashion bloggers and will come with everything next season!

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Vichy Chess Print
Vichy print

The  Vichy Chess Print  is a print trend that is affectionately called a tablecloth print or even a picnic tablecloth print. haha

black vichy plaid print
black vichy print

And as in fashion everything comes back to  Estampa Chess Vichy came back redesigned. And you throwing clothes away! people keep that one time you will use it again.

If you have a romantic or sexy style you will love this print! Because she is extremely feminine and at the same time delicate, she is also used a lot by Pinups!

Look how beautiful if you are or one day you want to incorporate a seductive Pin-Up you will absolutely rock.

pin-up vichy plaid print
pin-up vichy print

The most used colors of this print are black and white and red and white, but there are other color options.

colorful vichy plaid prints
colorful vichy prints

Looks with Vichy Plaid Print

For you to get inspired and put together your look with Vichy Chess Print I left here the most beautiful looks for you to rock now!

blue vichy plaid print
blue vichy print
green vichy plaid print
green vichy print
various vichy plaid print
various vichy print

Did you like the Vichy Chess Print on your clothes?

There are other options for you to use this print such as: Bags, sandals and shoes. You can start stealing grandma’s towels because this print is on everything!

Vichy checkered shoe and bag
Vichy print shoe and bag

I wrote a really cool article about  Shoe Trends for 2017 , stop by, there’s a lot of cool stuff.

Vichy checkered shoe and bag
Vichy print shoe and bag

So, what did you think of this new trend? Would you use it? Tell us!

kisses and see you later 

NOTE – If you found any photos that do not have their due credits, contact us so we can add the necessary credits.

NOTE – If you found any photos that do not have their due credits, please contact us so we can add the necessary credits.
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