3 running shoes for you to buy

Está a procura de um bom tênis running para praticar suas corridas? Então este conteúdo é para você que busca um produto…

Are you looking for a good running shoe to practice your runs? So this content is for you who are looking for a quality product that brings comfort and aligned with the search for good performance.

We know that running brings numerous benefits to our health and brings a well-being combined with a lifestyle with less stress. And for this practice to be done in the best way, investing in the right equipment can make a big difference.

Therefore, we have brought you some brands of running shoes so that you can analyze and decide on the best purchase.

saucony sneakers

saucony sneakers

The saucony sneaker is one of the top street sneakers. Over time, it has evolved according to the feedback from customers who use it and has become a reference brand in running style. It's comfortable, brings stability, lightness and cushioning.

We find saucony in different models and colors, such as: Saucony Freedom, Saucony Kinvara 9, Xodus ISO 3, among others. It's worth checking out the models, because they're great!

Hoka sneakers

Hoka sneakers

Another amazing shoe for your runs are the Hoka models. This is a relatively new brand around here. But its fans have been following it since its birth in 2010. It is a shoe that delights both professional and beginner runners. That's because your technology is animal!

The hoka one one shoe is designed specifically for running and hiking. Therefore, other modalities such as crossfit, gym use and other sports are not your thing.

That's why it's designed to bring maximum comfort and performance, and that's where its technology is involved, with robust footwear, midsoles and maximum cushioning. The Mashmallow stressola brings maximum cushioning with minimum weight.

Salomon sneakers

Salomon sneakers

Salomon has an interesting history. Founded in 1947 in Annecy - France, it was acquired in 1997 by Adidas, a brand highly known by the public. However, shortly after, in 2005, it was sold again, this time to a Finnish company, Amer Sports, which to this day own the brand.

Initially, the brand's first products were skis, winter equipment. With a more open-air positioning, the brand is positioned very well among the trekking, mountaineering and trail public. Hence the reference of salomon sneakers for trails and one of the best for running in nature.

Alguns dos modelos da marca: Tênis salomon sonic RA, Tênis Salomon Trailster, Sense Escape, Sense Ultra Pro, entre outros.

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