Boho Chic 2022 Trend. See how to use it, how to assemble your look and more 54 inspirations

The Boho Chic 2022 Trend is so 70s, so beachy, so boho chic! The so-called bohemian style is not only a beautiful style, but it is so modern, especially in summer!

Somewhere between the ’70s and the hipster beach vibe, boho style often consists of a laid-back, retro, hippie look.

It’s totally comfortable, and you’re guaranteed to look like a sexy surfer. Here are some boho chic styles you should try this summer!

What clothes make up a boho chic look?

The clothes that make up a boho chic look are:

  • Two-Piece Boho Chic Sets
  • Boho Chic Off the Shoulder Look
  • Boho Chic loose dresses
  • Boho Chic bell bottom pants
  • Boho Chic Printed Pants
  • Colorful Boho Chic Sets
  • Boho Chic Bow Tie on the Head
  • Boho Chic and Ray Bans Bandanas
  • Boho Chic loose tops
  • Boho Chic 70s Shirts
  • Maxi Boho Chic Skirts
  • Boho Chic Accessories and Items

See Inspirations on how to use and how to assemble your look

Two-Piece Boho Chic Sets

two-piece sets

Two-piece sets are so boho and very trendy right now! They not only match, but you can always mix and match with other outfits. It’s a perfect summer look that you can practically wear anywhere without looking like you’re trying too hard!

Boho Chic Off the Shoulder Look

off the shoulder

Off the shoulder shirts and dresses are super at the moment. This boho look is super laid-back, but also incredibly sexy.

You can wear tops like this up or down, whether it’s for a coffee or a night on the town! Pair it with nice, worn jeans for a more casual outfit or with some stylish heels and skinny for a night out!

Boho Chic loose dresses

loose dresses

Dresses are essential for summer time because they don’t cling to your body when it’s hot! Loose dresses are so boho chic and cute; you’re automatically ready for the night or an Instagram photo shoot with this look!

Boho Chic bell bottom pants

bell bottom pants

Bring the sexy 70s look with the bell bottoms! retro style is totally coming back and better than ever! Not only do bell mouths fit boho style, they do wonders for your curves!

You can find them almost anywhere, from department stores like Renner to a thrift store, and the style is totally yours! If you want a more modern look, try using a ripped background for a more modern vibe

Boho Chic Printed Pants

Printed pants

Nothing screams boho chic more than loose patterned pants! They’re comfortable ​​ and you can still look awesome in them! Use them for festivals, have lunch with the girls, walk on the beach or even relax at home!

Colorful Boho Chic Sets

colored sets

Sets, sets, sets! Crop top, colorful sets are so cute and super cute! Not only do you not have to worry about matching pants, you have an outfit perfectly ready for any occasion!

Pair colorful sets with some simple jewelry like a long necklace or simple hoops and you’re good to go!

Boho Chic Bow Tie on the Head

Head Tie

The bow may look old-fashioned, but totally adequate for the boho chic look! It looks so timeless and beautiful, you won’t need to work too hard! It is super blogger and unstable.

Boho Chic and Ray Bans Bandanas

Bandanas and Ray Bans

Summer is like sunglasses and cute accessories! Enjoy boho style with bandanas and ray ban! You will be the cutest hippie ever!

Try it on with a loose-fitting outfit like below (or pretty much anything)! Essential pieces like this can make a complete outfit! The key is simplicity.

Boho Chic loose tops

loose tops

Summer is top time and show off that sexy body without looking too risky! Choose a loose top like this and pair it with plain jeans or shorts! It looks so easy but super sexy and upbeat; the sun will not be the only thing that will make you hot!

Boho Chic 70s Shirts

70's shirts

The 70’s tribal look is extremely boho chic. The details allow you to use accessories very simply and opt for neutral pairs like jeans. Who says to be sexy you always have to wear tight clothes?

Maxi Boho Chic Skirts

Maxi skirts

Maxi skirts are the essential piece for the boho chic look. Perfect for beach or casual days, city walks, shopping with friends, maxi skirts will always make a simple outfit appear!

Look for cute designs and patterns or opt for more neutral ones! Whatever your style, babe!

Summer time is perfect for the boho chic look, due to the relaxed, beachy and modern style! What are some of your favorite boho looks?

I’m in such a delicious phase of life, where I want comfort in my looks, I’ve already commented on that in the article on  Looks with Tennis  that I love comfort and now I’ve come to bring you the boho chic 2022 trend .

If I used to go to the bakery wearing heels and makeup lol now my amooorr weekend I want is comfort, but with a lot of style because I’m one of those lol and for that there’s nothing better than falling headlong into the  Boho Chic Style .

Boho Chic Style

I’m no longer afraid to wear what I like and not to dare in a look, different from the usual one, vibe of a woman in her 30s… whoever is over 30 then knows what I’m talking about

Behold, in my walks through life’s department stores, I always come across that corner of the store with the sign written  Boho Chic Style  and I thought to myself, what is   Boho Chic Style People? Until I left the store with a little dress that I loved and I started to want to understand more what this style is.

Boho Chic Style
Boho Chic Style

The  Boho Chic Style  which means  Bohemiam Look Chic  is a style that emerged in Europe and brings several influences: from the gypsy, the hippies, the ethnic and the folk.

It appeared in the 70’s , but believe me, it’s always in fashion, year in and year out and I always see something of the  Boho Chic Style  in stores.

Dani  Estilo Boho Chic  is he a hippie? don’t micha! he has influence but is definitely more sophisticated more chic and I’m in love with him.

Boho Chic Style
Boho Chic Style

Top Accessories and Items to Build Your Boho Chic Style

The long flowing skirts and dresses, small floral prints, lace, gowns, round glasses (half rita lee), hippie style necklaces and rings with stone and the item I loved the most, which was the hat with large brim (flat).

Boho Chic Style
Boho Chic Style
Boho Chic Style

Boho style Chico  Style Boho Chic  is for those who have personality and not afraid to dare (well I don’t care about other people’s opinions), it’s a relaxed, comfortable and very feminine style, very blogger lol.

Boho Chic Style
Boho Chic Style

Boho Chic Accessories, Essential Items for you Composing your Look

Invest in accessories such as: bracelets, rings, long earrings, large necklaces with stones, have at least one hat!

boho chic accessories
boho chic accessories

Buy a hair band, have a colorful handbag and wear vintage-style sunglasses. You can find these glasses in a   specialized eyewear store

boho chic hair band
boho chic hair band
boho chic hair band
boho chic hair band
boho chic style
boho chic style

Remember   Boho Chic Style  is comfortable! invest in flats and boots with this footprint that reminds a little of the country with many fringes.

boho chic boots
boho chic boots

The accessories I put on my hair I bought on March 25th and I didn’t spend more than R$ 10.00. The flat hat is also very easy to find at 25 and I paid around R$ 30.00 reais. The dress I bought at Luigi Bertolli and cost around R$ 80.00 reais.

Did you like it? And would you use this style? I loved and joined! 

kisses and see you later 

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