Curly Permed Hairstyles – See 10 inspirations for permed curls

Permed curly hairstyles are back! Bringing all the glamor of the 80s, you can style them accordingly…

You Curly hairstyles with perm they are back! Bringing all the glamor of the 80s, you can style them according to the size of your curls and even the length of your hair.

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10 Permed hair
Curly Hairstyles with Perm - instagram @bianca.lux.concept

From longer to shorter hair, these hairstyles are easy to maintain on a daily basis and also bring more lightness and movement, with a subtle touch of sensuality, to the look.

Which permed curly hairstyles are trending?

You Permed hairstyles that are in fashion are:

  • Spiral Curls with Extensions
  • Loose curls on long hair
  • Textured Perm
  • Perm on ends
  • Cold perm
  • Perm at the hair roots
  • Perm with volume
  • Perm done with curlers
  • Wavy Perm
  • Digital permanent

1 – Spiral curls with extensions

In this look, extensions provide the perfect touch for creating permed curly hairstyles, as they help accentuate the shape of the curls and add an extra touch of length and volume in a natural way.

Short hair with perm and loose waves
Short hair with perm and loose waves – instagram @curlsbybebonia

With extensions, you will be able to customize both the length and texture of your curls, which makes this style an alternative that adapts to your needs, bringing a quick and practical transformation that is almost instantaneous.

2 – Loose curls on long hair

That long hair is stunning on its own is nothing new, but wait until you see it permed. This technique adds more texture and movement, especially if the curls are done in a spiral.

Long hair with spiral perm
Long hair with spiral perm – instagram @hairsbyveera

By creating an eye-catching appearance, permed curly hairstyles add a touch of sophistication to your style.

To maintain it, it is advisable that you use, in addition to specific shampoos and conditioners, a good styling cream and a hair diffuser, which will enhance your curls even more on a daily basis.

3 – Textured perm

This style brings a more natural appearance to permed hair, as it naturally imitates curly hair that varies in size and definition.

Short hair with a looser perm
Short hair with looser perm – instagram @evonne.bobrossofhair

You can use this technique to further shape your hair, especially if it is already curly. This will make them gain a little more consistency, without taking away their natural volume.

Whether you want to create a more natural appearance, this technique is an elegant and personality-filled choice among permed curly hairstyles.

4 – Permanent on the ends

This style of curls done at the ends is an ideal option for women who are looking for permed curly hairstyles but with the texture in a chosen area. This option creates waves as if they were made with a curling iron.

Permed hair for thick strands
Permed hair for thick strands – instagram @picasso_mavischaw

The technique, known as “spot perm”, adds texture and waviness to specific areas of the hair, without weighing down the look and giving a much more natural and balanced movement, as well as a touch of romanticism to the hairstyle.

5 – Cold permanent

This style, also known as alkaline perm, has made a comeback, as it is an easier way to have curly hairstyles with a spiral perm that requires low maintenance and can last from 3 to 6 months.

Blonde with perm and looser waves
Blonde with perm and looser waves – instagram @daniellewulffjusthair

To ensure that your perm lasts longer, you need to follow a home hair care routine.

From styling products, which define and maintain curls, as well as shampoos and conditioners formulated for permed hair. Avoid excess heat on the hair to avoid damaging the curls.

6 – Perm at the hair roots

For women who have hair without volume, this perm style brings a slight volume that starts at the roots in a more natural way and adds a touch of glamor to permed curly hairstyles.

Permed dark hair
Dark hair with perm – instagram @permsfeed

One of the great advantages of this style is that it is very low maintenance and brings natural volume to the hair, allowing you to style it according to your needs and occasions.

7 – Perm with volume

This style with volume is ideal for women who want permed curly hairstyles that have more body and volume, without weighing down the look.

It is also a great option for women who have straighter or even thinner hair, who want to try a transformation that is not so radical.

Perm with bangs
Perm with bangs – instagram @bianca.lux.concept

Curls created through the volume perm technique can range from soft and wavy to more defined curls, depending on your preference. This means you can customize the look to suit your personal taste and style.

8 – Perm done with curlers

This type of perm offers maximum definition and is very similar to the spiral perm style. This style of curls made with rollers is an excellent option for women who want defined, long-lasting waves.

Stylish perm on short brown hair
Elegant perm on short brown hair – instagram @link_marino

If you want permed curly hairstyles that give you defined, long-lasting curls, perming curls with rollers is an excellent choice. With the right products and care, you can enjoy a sophisticated, long-lasting look that will leave everyone impressed.

9 – Wavy perm

The wavy perm is an excellent option for women who want curly permed hairstyles that offer a natural, low-maintenance look.

Permanent with highlights and volume
Permanent with lights and volume – instagram @link_marino

This perm technique creates soft, loose waves that add a touch of texture and movement to the hair, without weighing down the look.

One of the advantages of this style is that it does not require constant maintenance in the salon, which makes it perfect for women who have a more hectic schedule. You can enjoy amazing wavy hair for several months before needing a touch-up.

10 – Digital permanent

The digital perm is a very modern and long-lasting choice for women who are looking for permed curly hairstyles. This technique involves altering the chemical composition of the hair, making the curls last for up to a year, which means fewer visits to the salon for touch-ups.

Short perm for oval faces
Short perm for oval faces – instagram @hintsalonsg

One of the differences between digital perms and traditional methods is that they produce much softer, more natural-looking curls, which makes it much easier to style your hair on a daily basis.

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