12 looks to rock your instagram stories

As histórias no Instagram nos permitem fazer upload de fotos sem precisar encher nossa parede com praticamente as mesmas selfies.…

Instagram stories allow us to upload photos without having to fill our wall with pretty much the same selfies.

So we can take pictures every day if we want and they will be deleted within 24 hours, leaving our crush hoping to send one more.

Well, if you want to look glamorous in your stories, these outfits have what it takes to make that happen. See them and let them inspire you.

A hat that matches your best skirt and a shirt that you can pull down to expose part of your shoulder.

looks with hat

The color black never fails and less if you use it so well.

looks with black clothes

Bralette pants and bra or the top of your swimsuit.

looks with pants and bralette bra

It is a good trick to reduce your waist and increase your hips.

look with light sweatshirt

A top that is reaching the limit.

look with top

Jumpsuit and bralette, a classic that doesn't go out of style when you want to look stunning.

jumpsuit with bralette bra

In case you don't want makeup.

look with shorts

A long shirt and nothing else.

long shirt look

Fishnet stockings will do everything for you.

look with fishnet stockings

Those short shorts.

look with short shorts

You know what if you look carefully, the clothes in your wardrobe will do wonders for your photos.

look with white t-shirt

Just dare to use them.

denim look

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