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hello, trend alert!!!

From Matte to Metallic Lipstick
From Matte to Metallic Lipstick

I love lipstick, I can't resist there's a launch! If you are one of those too, this post is for you!

It's super on trend metallic lipstick or metallic lipstick! The famous and foreign bloggers, always come out ahead and have already joined the fashion! Take a look.

metallic lipstick that celebrities are wearing
metallic lipstick that celebrities are wearing

So, does this trend catch on or not?
I think it catches on! Haha

multi color metallic lipstick
multi color metallic lipstick

After Bruna Tavares (divaaa, who, as far as I know, was the first to launch in Brazil metallic lipsticks or metallic lipsticks). Quem disse Berenice came out ahead, rocked it and just launched a line with incredible colors and inspired by gringo lipsticks, but at a very Brazilian price!!
It's to glorify Foot!!!! Lol 😀

trend metallic lipstick

I opened my mind, tasted it and liked it!
Let's go colors:

metallic lipstick colors
metallic lipstick colors

And let's review gifts metallic lipsticks or metallic lipsticks!

We have the nudeluz – a beautiful pink that will look amazing with a smokey black eye make-up! I believe it will look good on any skin tone, especially blondes with light eyes.

nudeluz metallic lipstick
nudeluz metallic lipstick

And of all this is a shade you can use for work, it's not too flashy, but don't go for the shade! Makes a smoky eye in nude or pinkish tones that won't fight with lipstick! I always use logic if the eye is flashy the lipstick should be discreet, and vice versa!

Purple metallic lipstick
Light Brown Metallic Lipstick

Next comes the coralluz – as the name says it is a metallic coral, beautiful! I also believe it looks good on anyone, it's a bold color and I found it very stylish.

The CobreLuz – also wonderful, a tone that I believe will be beautiful on brunettes, in the photo you can't see it but it has a golden glow.

And finally Marronluz – this is powerful, in the mouth it will be a metallic wine, very sexy.

This one can't be used at work! Unless you work in a laid-back company ok!

Texture – comfortable in the mouth, doesn't smudge, easy to apply, dries fast and doesn't crease (tip, but always use a lip balm first, it looks much better).

Price – I thought it was great R$35.90

Tip – people always try the color before buying, this goes for any type of lipstick, each person has a skin tone, on me, for example, the nudeluz turned out to be a light pink, and it matched, since the light cover, as it has a golden shine, did not favor me ! Already in brunette people it is otherwise! The light brown – it looks like wine in my mouth, nothing to do with the brown as in the photo above!

Daniela Lamb metallic lipstick
Light Brown Metallic Lipstick

if you use the metallic lipsticks or metallic lipsticks Tell us here, I want to know what you think!

Thank you and until the next danidrops 😉

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  1. A-N-A Reply


    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      Hello, how are you? Thanks for visiting the site. These lipsticks I bought at Quem disse Berenice, they are beautiful and the prices are comrades. You can also find these metallic lipsticks from several other brands. Kisses

  2. Fer Reply

    I loved these colors. Thanks for the tip! I'm going to run to try it out.
    Loving the articles on this beautiful blog. ❤

    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      Thank you Fe! and you look beautiful with dark lipstick! I want to see you daring and rocking with my tips!!! kisses

  3. Gabriela Reply

    I loved the novelty, honestly I didn't absorb much of the matte, but the metallic I think will be more natural. Dani, congratulations for the blog, for the content! ????

    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      Thanks! 🙂 The metallic lipstick has everything! I like mate too, but I think we have to experiment and enjoy all the trends! soon more many other tips, including natural makeup to use at work! hold up

  4. Andressa Reply

    I loved the tips. I want a nudeluz soon for me. Congratulations on the blog, it's beautiful!

    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      The nudeluz metallic lipstick is really beautiful! It would look beautiful with it, wait for us to do raffles soon, who knows, maybe you're out of luck this week and win yours in the belt!

  5. Cinara Reply

    I love it...I want one now

    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      beautiful is not it! whoever said berenice has a very good price, it's worth it. Soon we will have giveaways on the blog! Don't miss out!

  6. Vanessa Reply

    Dani your blog is beautiful!!!! Congratulations again????????????????????

    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      thank you! made with love for you 🙂 Wait for me to release many more makeup tips and reviews soon!

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