Chess 2022 Clothing Trend: See more than 20 Looks with the Chess print and how to use it in your daily life

Hi, After so much talking about Print Trends , today we are going to talk about another strong trend which is the redesigned Plaid print and plaid clothes.

And before you think it’s a grandma look, know that it’s not just any chess! I researched and brought you dear readers the most pumped looks from the most respected fashionistas for you to be inspired.

Come with me, it’s a success.

What are the plaid print clothes that are trending in 2022?

The clothes with plaid prints that are trending are:

  • Grid Chess – White with Black Stripes
  • Prince of Wales Chess
  • tartan chess
  • Burberry Chess
  • Yellow Chess Sets

See the Top10 with Checkered Print Looks and how to use it in your daily life

Grid Chess – White with Black Stripes

This chess is called grid (translating Grids) precisely because it has this format that looks like a grid. It can be Grid Positive -white background with black stripes or black negative with white stripes.

Grid Chess - White with Black Stripes

The Grid Chess is discreet and elegant. The positive version – White background and black stripes, is what I saw most in magazines and in the photos of the main gringo fashionistas, combined with white pants or pants of the same pattern.

This blazer was developed by none other than the queen of US fashion blogs, The Diva Chriselle Lim (pictured below). This woman is one of the most influential fashion bloggers abroad, she is in all the big fashion shows, her blog has thousands of views, only on Instagram she has 1 million followers. Powerful, she!

Chriselle Lim

Prince of Wales Chess

This Chess has this name exactly because it was used by the Prince of Wales, it is a classic that has returned to fashion. It features these jagged stripes.

Prince of Wales Chess

To be more relaxed you can wear with jeans, look at this look I would super wear!

Checkered Prince of Wales plaid blazer with jeans

tartan chess

The Plaid Tartan , is made of a very fine woolen fabric, flannel type. inspired by the Scots it usually comes with this pattern in red color and sometimes with green stripes.

I think it’s beautiful, it’s without a doubt for whoever holds the look! If you don’t like to draw attention, you might not feel good with a tartan. Ahh redheads on duty in my opinion this chess is for you 😉

tartan chess
red tartan plaid

Burberry Chess

The Burberry plaid is so named because it was developed by the British brand Burberry, this patterning is a registered trademark of the brand.

Carérrimaaa, alias!

As you can see, famous actresses are always called to parade the brand’s looks. But don’t be discouraged, we always find something similar in life’s renner :-D. Meet 5 Look’s proposal with Red and Black Flannel Plaid Shirt .

Burberry Chess

Yellow Chess Sets

Who then remembers the classic film from the afternoon session, Beverly Hilss’s Little Patricinhas , with its iconic sets of suits and plaid skirts ?

Well, they are back, especially the yellow version!

Yellow Chess Sets

Well, I didn’t like this trend! But as I have to bring what’s out there, know that it’s in fashion lol

And you? Which Chess won your hearts? 
Count down here!

Ahhh, speaking of chess, don’t forget to access here my article on Vichy Print , which is a type of chess that is also on the rise! Access here!!!

kisses and see you later 

NOTE – If you found any photos that do not have their due credits, please contact us so we can add the necessary credits.
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