Princess Hairstyle – See 10 incredible princess hairstyle trends

Para mulheres que desejam ter um visual cheio de glamour e volume, os penteados de princesa são uma ótima opção…

For women who want to have a look full of glamor and volume, princess hairstyles They are a great option that will make you feel like royalty as they have a softer, more romantic touch.

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10 Princess hairstyles
Princess hairstyles – instagram @ilonadajworska.hairstylist

The best part is that many of these princess hairstyles were inspired by Disney stories and you can use them as inspiration to have your own style and rock any occasion!

What Princess Hairstyles are trending?

You princess hairstyles that are in fashion are:

  • Boho Chic style braid
  • Royalty-inspired hairstyle
  • Tiara made of braids
  • Elegant princess style hairstyle
  • Princess style braid
  • Princess Aurora style hairstyle
  • Princess style hairstyle with crown
  • Princess Belle style hairstyle
  • Princess style hairstyle with waves
  • Princess style hairstyle with soft curls
Princess Hairstyle – See incredible princess hairstyle trends

1 – Boho Chic style braid

Boho chic braids are a romantic option for women who want a simpler style, without losing the look characteristic of princess hairstyles. In this braid style, the beauty is found in the more relaxed vibe, which makes the look much lighter.

Boho Chic style braid
Boho Chic style braid – instagram @zhanna_syniavska

This braid is perfect for special occasions, such as outdoor weddings or summer festivals, where you will have a hairstyle that matches the more bohemian and relaxed atmosphere. You can also add accessories, such as flowers, ribbons or barrettes, which will give a more princess-style touch.

2 – Hairstyle inspired by royalty

This style is beautiful and glamorous in itself and needs no further comments. With it, you will be the center of attention at any type of event, especially if you are considering one of the many princess hairstyles for an occasion that requires refinement and luxury.

Royalty-inspired hairstyle
Royalty-inspired hairstyle – instagram @georgiykot

You can customize this hairstyle by choosing the height and even the bun style, whether higher or lower, as well as the type of accessory you want to use. The crown is a classic and luxurious option, but you can use tiaras, brooches or barrettes for a more sophisticated touch.

3 – Tiara made of braids

Among the various princess hairstyles, this style is light and romantic and can be done on any hair texture and length. If your hair is finer, you can use a spray to add more texture, without weighing down the look too much.

Tiara made of braids
Tiara made of braids – instagram @perfecthairblokker

For an even more romantic effect, make looser curls before braiding. The soft braids and hair tiara will add a touch of elegance and romance to your look.

4 – Elegant princess style hairstyle

Some princess hairstyles are simple and glamorous, just like this one. With a touch of glamour, it is ideal for a variety of special occasions, from weddings to galas. Because it is simple, it becomes very attractive, being the perfect translation of “less is more”.

Elegant princess style hairstyle
Elegant princess style hairstyle – instagram @vidyaahairstylist

If you want more sophistication, you can wear a barrette or tiara with shiny jewels, which will give you an even more princess-like look. Finish with a light setting spray to ensure it remains intact throughout the event.

5 – Princess style braid

This beautiful braid ends in an elegant twisted bun and is one of the perfect princess hairstyles for any more formal event. By combining the delicacy of the side braid with a more sophisticated bun, you will have a more elegant and at the same time full of strength look.

Princess style braid
Princess style braid – instagram @tuulitekeetukkaa

Among the advantages of this hairstyle is that it works really well on different hair types and lengths, but it looks better if you have long hair, as it will create a bun with more volume, bringing a more romantic and elegant touch to the look.

6 – Princess Aurora style hairstyle

In order for you to have this hairstyle, your hair needs to be long, to show its full length in an elegant way. Even though it is simple on the front, the romantic details are on the back, where this style comes into its own.

Princess Aurora style hairstyle
Princess Aurora style hairstyle – instagram @kyleehowardhair

The central idea of this hairstyle is to maintain a cleaner look at the front, while the back reveals all the beauty of the details. If you want an even more romantic look, you can use more delicate barrettes or small flowers.

7 – Princess style hairstyle with crown

The most beautiful thing about this hairstyle is that you can style your hair as the event requires. If you want a more romantic and natural touch, you can make your curls looser with a curling iron and use a setting spray to make them more defined.

Princess style hairstyle with crown
Princess style hairstyle with crown – instagram @skyecoutinho

Some princess hairstyles can adapt to both daytime and nighttime events. This style, in particular, is one of them. To use it during the day, you can apply the same setting spray from a greater distance, so that it can have movement, without losing volume.

8 – Princess Belle hairstyle

This hairstyle, which is very reminiscent of Princess Belle from the film “Beauty and the Beast”, brings a simpler, yet sophisticated reinterpretation of the character's signature hairstyle. If you want your bun to be as voluminous as a Disney princess, you can ask your stylist to use some extensions.

Princess Belle style hairstyle
Princess Belle style hairstyle – instagram @__hairbydanielle__

To be able to replicate some princess hairstyles, you will need to have longer hair, especially if you want to have a fuller, more voluminous bun.

9 – Princess style hairstyle with waves

This style features waves that give a typical Hollywood glamor and can be adjusted according to your style and personal taste. You can make them more open or closed, but it is essential that you leave the waves pinned in for as long as possible so that they form naturally.

Princess style hairstyle with waves
Princess style hairstyle with waves – instagram @lauraelizabethairandmakeup

Perfect for brides looking for princess hairstyles, this style can also be styled with a more pronounced side line, which will bring a more sophisticated look. If you have finer hair, you can use extensions to add more volume and definition to your waves.

10 – Princess style hairstyle with soft curls

In this hairstyle, the woman can gain more movement and fluidity, because it gives the appearance of having been created without much effort, while maintaining the softness and femininity characteristic of these princess hairstyles.

Princess style hairstyle with soft curls
Princess style hairstyle with soft curls – instagram @heathermackhair

You can use a texturizing spray to finish and finish. This hairstyle is perfect for going to a dance or a wedding party, but you can also use accessories, such as barrettes, to add extra sophistication to your look.

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