Truss Discipline Shampoo and Conditioner 2023 – Find out how to use it, prices and where to buy it


We always look for quality products to take care of our hair. After all, they deserve all the care and affection we can offer.

That's why today I want to present to you the Truss Discipline 2023 shampoo and conditioner, the perfect duo for those who want to transform damaged strands and take on amazing hair.

Here you will discover all the advantages and benefits of this product that is making women's heads around the world.

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Truss Discipline 2023 Shampoo and Conditioner Kit

O Truss Discipline shampoo and conditioner kit 2023 is suitable for all hair types, but is especially suitable for those with damaged hair and in need of deep hydration.

It has powerful assets that help rebuild hair fiber, leaving strands more resilient and healthier. In addition, it has anti-frizz action, which helps to avoid unwanted frizzy hair.

Truss Discipline 2023 Shampoo and Conditioner Kit
Truss Discipline Shampoo and Conditioner

One of the differentials of Truss Discipline 2023 shampoo and conditioner is its salt and sulfate free formula. This makes it less aggressive to the hair, reducing the chances of dryness and breakage.

In addition, it is rich in amino acids, which help strengthen the hair fiber and bring more shine to the hair. Its composition still has the Nano Repair technology, which acts in the reconstruction of damage and in the replacement of capillary mass.

Is the Truss Discipline 2023 shampoo and conditioner kit good?

Yes, it is great, and the continuous use of the Truss Discipline 2023 shampoo and conditioner kit results in soft, silky hair with much more life. 

Its formula is rich in assets and will leave your strands more hydrated, nourished and less prone to breakage.

You know that hair that looks like it just left the salon? That's exactly what you'll feel after using this amazing product.

But not only that! Truss is a brand that cares about the health of its consumers and the environment.

Therefore, its products are cruelty-free and do not contain ingredients that could harm nature. 

In addition, they are produced in recyclable packaging, demonstrating the brand's serious commitment to sustainability.

How much does Truss Discipline 2023 Shampoo and Conditioner cost?

The price may vary according to different factors, such as the region, the place of purchase or the kit, but on average the values are:

  • Truss Discipline Shampoo and Conditioner Kit – from R$80.00 to R$100.00
  • Truss Discipline Shampoo – from R$140.00 to R$160.00
  • Truss Discipline Conditioner – from R$80.00 to R$100.00

Truss Discipline Shampoo 2023

O Truss Discipline Shampoo was specially formulated to control and discipline voluminous, dry and frizzy hair. 

The product's innovative formula contains moisturizing actives that help repair the damaged cuticle while restoring the hair's natural shine.

Truss Discipline Shampoo
Truss Discipline Shampoo

In addition, its exclusive ingredients also protect the hair from external aggressions, providing a long-lasting result. 

The daily use of truss discipline shampoo is able to reduce split ends and give hair incredible softness.

Over time, its advanced formula penetrates the hair to restore its natural strength, resistance and flexibility. Therefore, the results are visible from the first wash!

The hair is visibly more disciplined and healthier, in addition to having an intense and silky shine.

Is Truss Discipline shampoo any good?

Yes, the Truss Discipline Shampoo is a very high quality product, designed to offer protection and control the volume of the threads.

Its formula is enriched with natural oils and vitamins, which act together to strengthen and shine, in addition to sealing the hair cuticles, preventing hair breakage. With frequent use, the hair becomes soft, hydrated and extremely disciplined.

In addition, it also has a mild refreshing watermelon fragrance that provides a unique sensory experience when using it.

Truss Discipline Conditioner 2023

Truss Discipline Conditioner 2023 is a professional care product for frizzy, dry and voluminous hair.

Formulated with nourishing and moisturizing ingredients, it protects the strands from damage caused by external factors such as pollution, weather and excess heat from styling appliances.

It also helps restore the hair's natural strength and flexibility, while controlling its volume.

Truss Discipline Conditioner
Truss Discipline Conditioner

Additionally, Truss Discipline Conditioner has repairing properties that reduce split ends, align damaged cuticles and prevent further damage. The results are visible from the first application: hair that is more nourished, lighter and brighter.

Thanks to its creamy, smooth texture and pleasant scent, the conditioner is a true delight for the senses during the shower.

Is Truss Discipline Conditioner any good?

Truss Discipline Conditioner is great for keeping your hair in control. Its formula has a combination of nutrients that help repair the damaged cuticle, in addition to restoring the strength and natural resistance of the hair, keeping it flexible and healthy.

Its advanced technology recovers damage caused by breakage and external agents, restoring your hair's natural shine.

In addition, it also has Natural Proteins that directly nourish the wires, providing a soft and silky touch. With frequent use you will get great results, already in the first wash!

Discipline Conditioner is an excellent choice to control volume and protect your hair from external aggressions. It has advanced technology that recovers damage caused by breakage, external agents and others.

Meet Truss

Have you ever heard of the brand that only those who use it know how special it is? Yes, we are talking about shampoos and conditioners TRUSS! A true group of hair care fanatics guarantees that the effects are extraordinary from the first use, making it a leading brand and the most remembered when it comes to hair products, according to Google Trends.

TRUSS is present worldwide in more than 50 countries and offers a complete line of highly sophisticated hair treatments for the most renowned hairdressing professionals, available in the most exclusive global beauty salons.

Final Conclusion on Truss Discipline 2023 Shampoo and Conditioner

Truss Discipline 2023 shampoo and conditioner is a complete product, suitable for all women who want more beautiful and healthier hair.

Its powerful assets help rebuild the hair fiber, leaving the strands more resistant and shiny. In addition, its formula is free of salt and sulfate, preventing dryness and breakage.

The result is hair that is softer, silkier and less prone to breakage. Therefore, if you want to invest in a quality product that takes care of your hair and is sustainable, choose Truss Discipline 2023 shampoo and conditioner.

Rest assured, you won't regret it and your hair will thank you!

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