Detox Shampoo: Know the Benefits


After the famous juices and detox foods, it's time for Detox Shampoo! Yes there is lol.

I love it the day I use the Detox Shampoo and afterwards I use a hydration mask mixed with a few drops of Liquid Bepantol, the hair absorbs much better and it looks beautiful

I've already used it and I'll tell you all about how it's used and what it's for. Is your scalp itchy? oily? Did you get a dandruff you never had? hmmm vemmm with me friend! What is the Detox shampoo

It is a treatment shampoo with the purpose of detoxifying the scalp of impurities such as: Pollution, sweat, excess residues from products that we pass on the hair such as spray, gel, conditioner, leave-in cream, etc.

And all this is very bad for your hair, excess residues make your scalp oily, your hair dull, and you can even develop dandruff! and if your scalp is not healthy, you can be sure that your hair will not be beautiful, you may even have hair loss due to excess oil on the scalp!

Paraaaaa Tudooo No!!! 

Benefits of Detox Shampoo

  • Deep cleaning drying much less than an anti-residue
  • It helps to exfoliate the scalp, which eliminates dead cells and stimulates microcirculation, which is great because it will leave your scalp healthy and consequently stronger and more beautiful hair.
  • Helps reduce dandruff and oiliness
  • Your hair will absorb your moisturizing cream much better!

My favorite products:

I am using and recommend the Sudden Death Solid Shampoo – From Lola Cosmetics.

Sudden Death Hair Detox Solid Shampoo
Sudden Death Hair Detox Solid Shampoo

This is my favorite and what I'm currently using! I love the products Lola Cosmetics, They are natural products free of parabens, petrolatum, etc.

Solid Shampoo Sudden Death Texture
Solid Shampoo Sudden Death Texture

Shampoo Ingredients
Its exclusive formula contains granulated sugar, a natural exfoliant that rids the scalp of impurities and stimulates micro blood circulation, providing minerals and rebalancing. It is enriched with plant actives, which provide deep and lasting hydration, even after washing.

My Impressions:
I had never used a solid shampoo before lol but I managed to use it in a good way, I loved the smell, it makes a lot of foam (I love it), the sugar granules dissolve easily in water and you really feel the clean feeling right away.

Price and Where to Buy:
R$ 57.90 I bought it at IKESAKI da Liberdade, I don't know the price now, you can find it in practically any perfumery.

Other Possibilities:
I've also used it and I think it's cool The Detox Shampoo from AcquaFlora , not as good as Sudden Death OK! But I leave it as a second option for all pockets!

Acquaflora Detox Shampoo
Acquaflora Detox Shampoo

Shampoo Ingredients
The shampoo has vitamin E micro-spheres that, according to the brand, help to invigorate the scalp through a light exfoliation.

textured aquaflora detox shampoo
textured aquaflora detox shampoo

My Impressions:
It washes the hair well, doesn't foam much and the microspheres aren't as exfoliating as Death Sudden, but it does its job! I found the smell very good, I felt a freshness in the scalp.

Price and Where to Buy:
R$ 22.90 I bought it at Ikesaki da Liberdade, I don't know the price now, you can find it in practically any perfumery.

How to use Detox on Hair
Never rub your hair with this shampoo, you will pass it on the scalp and along the length you will slide the product with your hands without rubbing!!!

It is not a daily use product! the recommended is every 15 days, I have been using it once a week, or every 2 washes I do with my daily shampoo, the third is with Detox.

It worked great for me, I never had dandruff again and I'm very satisfied.

If you use it, count me in! I want to know! Bjooo and until the next Dica 

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  1. Daniela Tenorio Reply

    After your recommendation… I'm using the Sudden Death and I'm just loving it… thanks for the tip…

    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      How cool Dani 😉 I'm so glad you saw the blog and liked the tip! it's good right! and the best thing is that it is a Brazilian product we are helping our industry!

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