Thermal Water X Moisturizing Mist – Understand the Difference

Oláaa, cheguei com novidades. Aguá termal já é bem conhecida do publico e já fiz uma matéria só sobre ela…

Hello, I have news.

Thermal water is already well known to the public and I've already written an article about it, you can take a look by clicking here.

But now a new product has appeared on the market that I've tested and I'm also loving it, the Hydrating Mist.

What is the difference between Thermal Water and Moisturizing Mist

The thermal water It is pure water and naturally enriched with minerals, as it is extracted from hot springs.

It moisturizes, purifies, nourishes and has soothing and moisturizing properties.

The Moisturizing Mist As the name already says, it is a compound of water enriched with several hydrating substances.

And this is the big difference: the thermal water is totally natural, enriched with nutrients by nature, while the mist is a formula.

But don't despise the power of Moisturizing Mist for not being natural! I tested it and I will list the benefits here

My tested Moisturizing Mist was the Adcos Hydradefense Solution 

Hydradefense Solution Moisturizing Mist by Adcos

Adcos Moisturizing Mist has three super moisturizing components in its formula.

  • Hyaluronic Acid – which is a powerful moisturizer that has the power to go deep into our skin and also, according to the manufacturer, helps to fight free radicals generated after sun exposure. Translating Helps Not to Get Old Before Time Loves 🙂
  • The ectoine – This is a molecule discovered in nature that withstands high temperatures, that is, persistent hydration that will stay there on your skin even in the heat! That's what I needed to get my skin out of the desert Amen.
  • Trace elements: essential minerals for the perfect functioning of the skin (Zinc: minimizes fine lines caused by environmental stress; Copper: helps maintain the skin's defense system and stimulates collagen; Magnesium: moisturizing and toning; Iron: toning; Silicon: stimulates the production of collagen favoring revitalization).
  • Portulaca extract: rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, organic acids, among others. It has an anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant and soothing effect.
  • Carcinine: is a synthetic pseudopeptide with anti-glycation action (protects collagen from glycation, a non-enzymatic chemical reaction that occurs between glucose and the amino groups of proteins in the intrinsic aging process). In addition, it has detoxifying and protective action on cellular DNA and cell membranes.

Now let's get to the point, does the Moisturizing Mist work?

Yessss! my skin was very flaky, I started to use it every day religiously, of course with my moisturizer routine to help too, but look, I already felt a difference in the 1 day of use!!!

Seriously, it helped a lot to hydrate and remove the dryness, and I still loved the practicality. I carry it in my bag and I reapply it over my makeup.

My verdict is: It's Sooooooo Worth Buying! And I say more, I'm sure those who have oily skin will love it because it's very light and won't grease the skin.

Dani, so the thermal water is gone? Negative!

They are products with different proposals, if your case is more lack of hydration because your skin is very dry and peeling, I advise the moisturizing mist.

If you want to soothe irritated skin, reddened by the cold or acne, have had a peeling, recent leisure or even in the summer to clean and relieve irritation caused by sweat and heat, the most suitable is undoubtedly the thermal water.

What is the price of the moisturizing mist?

Today (03/08/2019) on the website is R$179.00, a little expensive, but worth it, anyone who has irritated skin or skin that every change in temperature starts to flake off will see that the value is negligible for the result you will get



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Article written by Daniela Cordeiro

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