Women's White Boot – The '86 fashion is back to haunt the fashion world

Hello my darlings!!! Everyone knows that fashion comes and goes… but for me there are things that should never come out of fashion's sarcophagi! Like the mullet haircut of chitãozinho and xororó and the Women's White Boots from the time of the Xuxa show.

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Yeah! ladies and gentlemen they are back and they are the trend of winter 2017! Stop the world cause I want to get off it.

Paquitas and their White Boots
Paquitas and their White Boots

I don't know what's going on with the stylists in the fashion world, did they have a repressed desire to be paquitas at Xuxa's show and at most get an autograph from the plague? We will never know!

Prague of the XUXA Show 1986
Prague of the XUXA Show 1986

All I know is that in magazines, fashion blogs and in malls we already see the famous booties. In the photos produced by bloggers and fashion magazines, the Women's White Boots, but also in a Camila Coelho almost anything looks great, doesn't it?

Now you will leave your residence at 7:00 in the morning, with your white boots all fluttering in the midst of such fine, elegant and above all polite people on public transport in SP. But go alone, I don't know you.

See who is already wearing Women's White Boots

Well, as this blog is democratic and we have to respect people's taste, here are some photos for those who want to dare and join the trend, nothing against it, my friend! I'm going to recommend horrors to the enemies and say it's going to be maraaaaa, you can use mate, that's success!

Women's White Boot on the catwalks
Women's White Boot on the catwalks

Well, look at you guys who kept saying that Joelma from the calypso was corny with her Women's White Boots, she was in fashion for a long time and you with your simple and simple black boot, thinking you were smothering!

Joelma and her white boot
Joelma and her white boot

And then take or not take this fashion? Would you use? Ahh tell me will you?

Kisses and until the next fashion disgrace

NOTE - If you found any photos that do not have the appropriate credits, please get in touch so that we can add the necessary credits.

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Article written by Daniela Cordeiro

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  1. DANYELE Reply

    Sensational kkk bad this fashion I find it very tacky.

    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      Well, that's terrible Danyele! lol and worse than this winter they will appear around lol thanks for accessing DaniDrops 🙂

  2. Fer Reply

    Well, Joelma joined the fashion and here we are making fun of her person. Hahahahahha.

    I don't think it's beautiful and I don't know what goes on in the minds of people who rescue these fashions from a past that should be forgotten.

    I loved the subject. Congratulations…

    • Daniela Cordeiro Reply

      Lol saw joelma was already inside the trend of white boots for a long time! :-):-) Lol now what will come straight from the past? Believe me, there's more bagasse coming and we're going to post it and laugh a lot

      Thank you 🙂

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