Makeup Trend for Christmas 2021. Over 60 makeup inspirations for this christmas

Finding a makeup trend for Christmas 2021 can be a very easy job if we take into account everything that is trend in the makeup world. For example, golden eyeshadows, red lips and brushed eyebrows.

However, for those who want to dare, the tip is to know how to combine these various tips and make a complete makeup that has your face and makes you feel unique on this very special day. We will mention several of these tips that follow current trends.

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What are the makeup trends for Christmas?

The makeup trends for Christmas are:

  • Skin with Golden Shine
  • Eyes with Golden Shadows
  • bronze eyes
  • Shadows in Blue Tone
  • Neutral Color Shadows
  • Eyeshadows with Psychedelic Shades
  • lipstick wine
  • nude lipstick
  • Red lipstick
  • Makeup with Pastel Colors
  • Dramatic eyeliner
  • Peach Lips, Eyelids and Cheeks
  • Artistic Makeup
  • brushed eyebrows

See makeup trends for Christmas

Makeup for Christmas with Golden Glitter Skin

You know that thing about having skin “the color of sin”? So, the concept comes from an expression that can be translated as skin with a golden glow. This is where a second important point comes: the color of gold is a trend that has everything to do with Christmas.

Skin with Golden Shine
Skin with Golden Shine

If you look in history, you will see that gold has always been a very valuable asset. Even in religion it has its importance. Bringing it to makeup, the advantage is that it is a type of shade that goes with everything, being basic and at the same time luxurious.

Skin with Golden Shine
Skin with Golden Shine

How to make a makeup that leaves the skin with a Golden Glow?

To make a make-up that leaves the skin with a golden glow, it is necessary, first of all, to clean the skin well and prepare it for later making the make-up.

  1. Use the right foundation, as it should be light and luminous, you can opt for a foundation with a satin effect;
  2. Use the powder only on strategic points on the face, for example, below the eyes, in the center of the forehead and on the eyelids;
  3. As the purpose of glow makeup is to give the golden glow effect, the concealer should be applied only in specific places and in small amounts;
  4. The ideal products are creamy ones, as they give that lush skin effect, with a golden glow; use blush and cream illuminator, apply lightly tapping with your fingertips on the face, as they will look very natural;
  5. To give the golden effect, use the golden illuminator, it will make your makeup perfect.

Makeup for Christmas Eyes with Golden Eyeshadows

If having skin with a golden glow is amazing, imagine just highlighting your eyes with golden eyeshadows? This has everything to do with Christmas, even more if you combine it with neutral and typical colors of this important date in the current calendar we use.

Eyes with Golden Shadows
Eyes with Golden Shadows

If we could translate this kind of make, maybe we would use expressions like “glamour” and “power”. And there’s more: it’s the kind of eyeshadow that works for almost any type of skin, it can vary between shine and the use of glitter, for example.

Eyes with Golden Shadows
Eyes with Golden Shadows

How to make a makeup with Golden Eyeshadows?

Skin preparation is essential for the make up to be perfect, right? 

  1. To mesmerize your eyes, smudge coffee brown on the mobile eyelid, then apply bright golden eyeshadow; 
  2. At the bottom, pass the black pencil on the waterline then fade the same shadow close to the lower lashes and apply golden gold eyeshadow.

Makeup for Christmas Bronze Eyes

Bronze eyes have nothing to do with golden shadows, okay? First, there are even techniques that make the eyes that color, like lenses. But, what we mean here is about a makeup trend for next Christmas.

bronze eyes
bronze eyes

Bronze eyes is that idea of ​​being able to make a make that gives that impression of tan in this region. For this, the black pencil will make sense, as well as having voluminous eyelashes. The final care is in the shade, which has to be very soft.

bronze eyes
bronze eyes

How to do Bronze Eye Makeup?

Bronze eyes are perfect for late night parties and the process is pretty much the same as golden eyeshadows. 

  1. Start by smudging brown on the mobile eyelid;
  2. Then apply the bronze eyeshadow;
  3. At the waterline, use black eyeliner and smoky brown close to the eyelashes;
  4. Then apply bronze eyeshadow.

Makeup for Christmas with Eyeshadows in Blue Tone

Blue shades will only work for you when worked on with the rest of your makeup. That’s because just “putting” the bluish eyeshadow on the eyelids won’t make any sense and you’ll have an effect contrary to what is trending in makeup.

Shadows in Blue Tone
Shadows in Blue Tone

However, from the moment you create a make up on your eyes that highlights blue, but combines with other colors, then, you can give unique effects. Do you remember someone with this makeup can be sure she wore a fresh look with neutral details, right?

Shadows in Blue Tone
Shadows in Blue Tone

How to make a Blue Tone Shadow?

  1. To start, apply white jumbo all over the mobile eyelid;
  2. Then spread evenly using your finger;
  3. Then apply water green eyeshadow on the inner corner of the eyelid with a sponge brush to the middle of the eyelid;
  4. From half to the end, apply the blue of your choice and pull the blue over the green so that they merge;
  5. Pass the black eyeshadow over the blue in a “v” shape and then apply the blue over the black again in the outer corner of the eye, in the same “V” shape;
  6. Blend the edges with the blending brush. To lighten under the eyebrow, use the champagne eyeshadow. 

Makeup for Christmas with Neutral Color Eyeshadows

For Christmas, neutral colors can be nice options. But forget about this “getting too dark” idea, okay? Neutral color eyeshadows can be instrumental in treating your skin and allowing you to dare elsewhere, such as lipstick.

Neutral Color Shadows
Neutral Color Shadows

Or you can simply have a less impactful makeup, but that will prove your health care. The eye shadow palette in neutral colors is one of the most sought after around the world because it has these skin tones, which are great for any occasion.

Neutral Color Shadows
Neutral Color Shadows

How to make a Neutral Colored Eyeshadow?

  1. Apply champagne eyeshadow to the inner corner of the eye;
  2. Then in “V” shape, apply the brown eyeshadow on the outer corner;
  3. Apply a layer of beige eyeshadow over the brown and blend until the shadows blend together and look like a gradient;
  4. To lighten under the eyebrow, use the champagne eyeshadow.

Makeup for Christmas with Psychedelic Shades Eyeshadows

Now a pretty drastic change. But, it will make sense, do you want to see it? We talk about eyeshadows in blue tones and then eyeshadows in neutral colors. Will combining it all work out? In fact, psychedelic shades have a bit of it all.

Eyeshadows with Psychedelic Shades
Eyeshadows with Psychedelic Shades

Which means that, in practice, you can use a nude with blue or green, red lipstick. But more than that, what women use even when using the term psychedelic is black, right. Therefore, joining several shades of black can be the most perfect result!

Eyeshadows with Psychedelic Shades
Eyeshadows with Psychedelic Shades

How to make a Psychedelic Shades eyeshadow?

Psychedelic tones are trending at the moment, they reflect the same impression people about the drug effect have. To make this eyeshadow it is important to use shades such as violet, lilac, orange, yellow, green, vibrant blue, dark pink, among others.  

Use several colors, overlapping the shades, draw the eyelids with a fine brush, the geometric eyeliner adds an extra charm.

Makeup for Christmas with Wine Lipstick

You’ve heard of the country hit that mentions cherry lipstick, right? There, you also know that one of the most successful colors among women is red. And wine, where does it fit into this whole story? Wine lipstick is a makeup trend for Christmas for all that.

lipstick wine
lipstick wine

It is a variation on red, only more striking. It brings an idea of ​​seriousness, in addition to the sensuality that already has in red. Best of all, it is essential for anyone who wants to highlight the lips more than other parts of the face.

lipstick wine
lipstick wine

How to make a makeup with Wine Lipstick?

If the goal is to highlight the lips, the eye makeup should be more neutral, without too many contrasts and leave well-lined lips to carry in the wine lipstick. 

  1. Contour the lips using a red lip pencil;
  2. Then apply the wine lipstick using a brush so that it does not go beyond the eyeliner;
  3. If you prefer, you can apply a gloss, to give shine and leave the impression of fuller lips.

Makeup for Christmas with Nude Lipstick

In this topic, we have exactly the opposite of what we talked about above. Nude lipstick won’t leave your makeup off. However, it will allow other parts of the face to be more highlighted, such as the eyes, for example.

nude lipstick
nude lipstick

The big makeup trend for Christmas thinking about nude lipstick has to do with what is matte. That’s right: matte lipstick is a great idea for this date. If you combine this with the other tips, such as the golden skin, you will be amazed at the result.

nude lipstick
nude lipstick

How to Make a Makeup for Christmas with Nude Lipstick?

When women want to highlight the look, it is interesting that the lipstick is nude, it can be pulled to a more rosy tone, or even mouth color. 

  1. To start it is important to apply the lip liner in tea pink color;
  2. You can pass over the entire lip so that the nude lipstick has greater fixation;
  3. Then apply the nude lipstick with a brush so that it is very even;
  4. If you prefer, you can apply a gloss to finish.

Makeup for Christmas with Red Lipstick

We talk about it, however, we haven’t detailed it yet. Come on! The famous and always biased of all red lipstick dates. It may not look like it, but it’s one of the most purposeful colors when used on a woman’s face. Believe!

Red lipstick
Red lipstick

It can give the idea of ​​sensuality, seriousness, beauty, charm, glamour, luxury and everything else you want to represent. Red lipstick is the most common accessory in women’s purses and it’s no accident. Therefore, it needs no introduction.

Red lipstick
Red lipstick

How to put on a Red Lipstick?

Red lipstick is always very controversial, as it has a lot of pigmentation, it is common for it to flow into the finer lines on the lips. 

  1. For this not to happen, it is very important to use eyeliner pencil to outline the lips, it will prevent the lipstick from spreading out;
  2. Use a nude pink pencil, then spread the lipstick with a brush so it will stay even and not run;
  3. In this case, do not use lip gloss, as it may stain the lipstick.

Makeup for Christmas with Pastels

Now, the focus is to talk about the hue and not the colors. Come on. Pastels are the bright little ones, however, that doesn’t mean they can’t be cheerful. Did you know that you can create makeup with pastel shades using neon, for example?

Makeup with Pastel Colors
Makeup with Pastel Colors

This goes for eye shadows especially. Another idea is to use pastel makeup on the lips, using a matte lipstick. The pastel tone indicates a vibrant color, yes, but without having to be too bright, got it?

Makeup with Pastel Colors
Makeup with Pastel Colors

How to make a makeup with pastel tones?

Pastel tones are timeless, they are always present, especially for those who don’t like a devastating make up with strong colors. 

  1. To make a makeup with pastel shades you need to prepare the skin, then apply a concealer and foundation in your skin tone;
  2. Apply gentle sore blush and for eyes apply champagne shadow halfway around the inside of the eye, then apply light brown eyeshadow to the outer corner in a “V” shape until it becomes a champagne shade;
  3. Then use a blender brush to make the eyeshadow even. To lighten up, pass the champagne eyeshadow under the eyebrow.

Makeup for Christmas with Dramatic Eyeliner

Doing the eye outline is not an easy task. When we think about it, comes the idea of ​​the kitten or double kitten outline, right. However, here we have another tend of the makes for Christmas: the dramatic eyeliner. What is it? We count.

Dramatic eyeliner
Dramatic eyeliner

It’s a type of makeup that allows the eyes to be striking, but in a somewhat funereal way. But not in the bad sense, see. And yes in the fact that this allows that idea of ​​shocking and impacting. It’s an amazing idea for anyone who wants to dare that day. 

Dramatic eyeliner
Dramatic eyeliner

How to pass an Eyeliner without smudging?

Applying eyeliner is a problem for many women, but you can apply the eyeliner without smudging, just use a masking tape from the corner of the eye to the tip of the eyebrow, very close to it, then apply the eyeliner, fold the eyelid tightly close to the lashes and stretch to the desired height with the masking tape.

Wait a few seconds and remove the tape. The outline is perfect, no smudges. 

Peach Lips, Eyelids and Cheeks

This one’s easy: those who don’t want to mess up their Christmas makeup can think of peach-colored lips, eyelids and cheeks. It’s that color that always works with everything. However, it is recommended for those with lighter skin.

Peach Lips, Eyelids and Cheeks
Peach Lips, Eyelids and Cheeks

For those with darker skin, it also works, but you need to combine it with other elements or use brighter colors, especially on the lips. Oh, there’s another thing: this idea goes along with the trend towards golden skin, see. It makes perfect sense!

Peach Lips, Eyelids and Cheeks
Peach Lips, Eyelids and Cheeks

artistic makeup for christmas

When the end of the text arrives, we have a comment that is worth it. Have you ever noticed that in the past, artistic makeup had a certain date to happen? Like Halloween or Festa Junina and that sort of thing. Not anymore!

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Artistic Makeup
Artistic Makeup

Nowadays, you can use artistic makeup at any event. We’re not necessarily talking about creating a clown figure from the movie It, which is scary. It’s about using art to create a make that is amazing, beautiful and leaves you in your best style.

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How to make an artistic makeup for Christmas?

After preparing your skin and doing your traditional makeup, you can make an artistic makeup for Christmas. 

  1. With eyeliner or using eyeshadow and a very fine brush, apply over the eyebrow, like a branch that passes through it and follows the mobile eyelid, going up to above the tip of the eyebrow;
  2. Then make a little pull to put the lights;
  3. The lights, do with colored shadows and always using a fine brush to give a better finish.
Artistic Makeup
Artistic Makeup

Makeup for Christmas with Brushed Eyebrows

Now, to finish the tips on makeup trends for Christmas, consider that brushed eyebrows is on the rise and, for sure, it will be successful on this hot day. Basically, we are talking about brushing your eyebrows.

brushed eyebrows
brushed eyebrows

In the fashion world, we see this result on runways all the time. The secret is beyond brushing and yes in the care with the hair. It’s nice to think about taking care of this throughout the year so that at Christmas you can give this remarkable effect.

brushed eyebrows
brushed eyebrows

How to Make a Christmas Makeup with Brushed Eyebrows?

The natural eyebrow is on the rise again, to give that brushed eyebrow look just use the comb for eyebrows and brush them, to make the eyebrow with brushed effect more prominent, hair gel or transparent mascara can be used.

Those women who have little hair and still want to have that effect can use black mascara to give the impression of brushed strands on the eyebrow. 

Not to go wrong next Christmas

If you don’t want to get it wrong next Christmas, follow the tips above. More than that, always think about gold and red, which are colors to make sure you don’t get it wrong. Then use your creativity to go further. Nude, pastel shades or even blue can be the difference you needed for your Christmas success.

Among the techniques, smudging the eyebrows or outlining the eyelids would be like the top scorers in this championship. It’s another kind of thing you have to learn to do to get incredible results in the next artistic production you’re going to do.

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